The Program

The Adaptor Project is a process which helps participants (Year 9 / Year 10 / VCAL) take good ideas into business opportunities. Its acts as a bridge between industry and education by fostering the skills required in industry 4.0.

The program cultivates a student’s social and emotional learning. It enables students to be ready for work and life. A development program for teachers prior to the program to support a train-the-trainer model of delivery is a key part of its successful implementation and adoption.

This blended learning experience takes an individual from a problem to a desirable, viable, feasible business solution in 8 weeks (Max 90mins per session per cohort per week). The process engages up to 40 participants in any cohort and combines lean startup tools with design thinking, social purpose and play based facilitation.

This program has a current engagement score of 90% and a peer to peer recommendation rate of 89%.